Girl Talk Baltimore is…Prosecuting Parents for the ridiculous things they let their kids do…

Parents that host...lose the most

Now I remember a few years ago while in Mexico, I remember watching this kid…couldn’t have been more than 16, and his parents were getting him wasted…I mean, you could clearly see this boy had had enough, but his parents (or what appeared to be his parents) just continued to buy him shots and cheer him on.  I remember thinking..alcohol poisoning is a real thing people…it’s real.

Between graduation parties, end-of-school celebrations, and summer gatherings there are so many opportunities for teen kids to find trouble.  I can’t really fathom the idea of parents buying alcohol for their underage children and their friends or the whole concept of parents contributing to teens alcohol abuse is off my radar.  I mean, I guess it can be argued that some parents believe that it’s safer for their teens to drink at home than to drink anywhere else. In my opinion, that’s just plain and simply ridiculous!!!

Some parents mistakenly think that underage drinking is part of growing up; they may view it as a rite of passage —(one that tends to follow high school graduation instead of his/her 21st birthday).  And these same parents will try to reason that even if they don’t buy alcohol for their kids and their friends, then the kids will still find a way to get it from a sibling or friend who is over the age of 21.

Now, I’m no prude…you know I’ve been there and thankfully, God and my angels watched over me and my friends.  But as you grow older you begin to realize how stupid the mistakes were that you made as a kid.  But one thing that NEVER happened, is that my parents or any of the kids I grew up with parents’ EVER brought alcohol for us.

My 13 year old is fighting for her position to “make her own mistakes” and my question to her is “WHY”?, if I already know better.  I realize that she will begin to make stupid mistakes and stupid decisions, but I hope that with my reasonable guidence her mistakes won’t be so bad.

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