Girl Talk is scared…

I just don’t understand what makes a male feel as though he can TAKE sex from a woman whenever he pleases.  I know that throughout history, this type of crime is simply a pathological assertion of power and it just absolutely disgusts me that it continues to happen and now its not only behind closed doors, but assult’s are happening in broad daylight, at bus stations, on residential streets and at school.  And now, not only is there just one perputrator, but several.  And now, not only are they raping, but they are beating and  robbing their victims…I mean, how low can you get?

This story has affected me hard, because it could be anyone that I know, and you never know when this type of thing could happen.  Growing up, I was witness (well I didn’t actually see what was going on, but I knew) to a rape.  She was my friend…and it all started so innocently.  She didn’t do anything too flirtatious, she wasn’t out of line, and she couldn’t have known it would happen.  And I (and others) didn’t make it stop – I think for fear that it would somehow turn on us.  Or somehow had the thought that maybe she wanted it, and that her cries for help weren’t loud enough.  25 years later, I still feel guilty, I still think about it, and although I am no longer as close to this woman, I would like to say I’m sorry to her, for not being a better friend.

But fast forward to October 2009, a 15 year old young woman, leaving the homecoming dance on her way to her way to the car to meet her father, somehow gets side tracked and ends up on another part of the school campus with some kids that were drinking.  Now, can’t say exactly what happened from the time she was to meet her father to the time she hooked up with these other kids, but I’m going to say, for the sake of argument, that this young lady never anticipated what was to happen next.  Somehow, she gets approached by a group of boys who then commenced to having unconsensual sex with her, RAPE, repeatedly for nearly 2 1/2 hours.

This young woman never stood a chance against these boys…at no time did she ever stand a chance. And these boys, one after the other having (most likely) unprotected sex with this 15 year old girl while at least 12 more just watched. It makes me sick!

You can look at this situation and say…why was she walking by herself…why didn’t she go straight to the car where her father waited for her…why did she instead go and have a drink with her friends…why.

Even asking why to any of these questions does not and should not suggest she deserved what she got. No part of this situation suggest any of these boys had any right to have sex with this young lady, and it makes me ill to think they then showed up for school on Monday, as if nothing had ever happened.  I mean, when did this society get so heartless, and inconsiderate?

When did we go from “it takes a village” to “stop snitching”.  When did we stop looking out for one another and begin to think only of ourselves…I don’t get it.  We are not here in this life by our selves.

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