Girls In Crisis

Teen years for girls today are a period of real danger

Girls entering puberty often face a “crisis in confidence” which makes them vulnerable to risky behavior, and these bad choices can have devastating lifelong consequences.

Somewhere to Turn
What’s perhaps even worse than the dangerous opportunities teen girls are at risk for is the fact that most of them will not talk to their parents about these dangers they face. According to Pegine Echevarria, MSW, author of the new book “For All Our Daughters: How Mentoring Helps Young Women and Girls Master the Art of Growing Up,” “No matter how good your communication is with your daughter, there are things she will not and cannot tell you, things she needs desperately to tell someone.”

The answer? Female mentors — someone girls can trust who isn’t Mom or Dad. “You must point your daughter toward a trustworthy role model — an aunt, a cousin, a grandmother, a Girl Talk leader, a teacher, a friend, or some other responsible caring woman,” she says, “because your daughter’s survival depends on it.

The most important thing a mentor can do is to listen and to lead by example.  She isn’t there to judge, punish or condemn.  And as crucial as her role becomes, it is a temporary one — a mentor will never replace a mother. According to Echevarria, “The mother/daughter bond will remain a dominant force in your daughter’s life for as long as she walks on this earth.”

Contact Lynnette Easley to find out how mentors can help teenage girls survive the risky years and how your daughter can find a mentor or become a mentor herself.

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2 Responses to Girls In Crisis

  1. says:

    Yes i am totally agree with you that girls are in great danger but there is a solution which helps them in getting out of these problems that is Mentor. Mentor is that person to whom we can trust and which pay attention on us.

  2. Mrs Dews says:

    Good Day,

    I tried to go to the site to find a mentor for my 16yr old daughter. The site for Lynette Easley was not available. If someone could PLEASE contact me I would ever be so grateful. We are in Church every Sunday we communicate with our daughter and thought we had a great relationship. Wow! We are very mis-taken. My name is Mrs. Dews you can contact me at:

    Thank You!!!!!!

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